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The present faculties at ISPE have offered their services (before forming ISPE) in leading Lean Six Sigma & other Business Excellence projects at their place of employment & as freelance trainers in Six Sigma Green belt, Six Sigma Black belt, Lean six sigma & other Business Excellence training programs for a long time in the past at various private & government (GOI) Lean Six Sigma & other business coaching/training centers in Chennai & outside, apart from significantly contributing in the preparation of training & study material for the same aswell at these places.


Faculties at ISPE have guided various professionals in Lean Six Sigma & other Business projects at their workplace through various web-enabled/online discussion forums, being members (ISPE Faculties) therein. Also, the faculties at ISPE have been invited as guest trainers & speakers at various academic & professional forums, including IIT-Madras, several times in the past for more than the last five years.


Also, one of the consultants at ISPE successfully completed a Six Sigma Black belt project (involving both DMAIC & DMADV methodologies) at a company in Chennai as a third party consultant on behalf of the Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises Development Institute (MSME DI), Government of India (GOI), being the first Six Sigma Black Belt Project under the MSME (GOI) jurisdiction, Chennai.


The faculties at ISPE have trained professionals from the following organizations (not an exhaustive list):

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I had come back to India on a vacation which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because of the BB program. I feel confident that I can work on a Six Sigma project when I go back. Also, I would have been all the gladder if they could give a CD on the entire BB course material as well, as they do for the GB program.

Mr. Anbarasan (Singapore)

Apart from the training, even the Six Sigma Handbook given makes further understanding on the subject very easy. No unanswered questions left. The guest faculty is outstanding. I look forward to the discussion forum to be of additional help.

Mr. Siddhesh Hattiholi

I have attended the faculty’s lecture previously also as a student at IIT M. Glad to find such an opportunity again. His fundamentals are very clear.

Mr. Sandeep Pawar

Apart from everything being above expectations, giving us the entire course material on CD takes the cake anytime. I’m glad to find someone who can actually teach Six Sigma & not make it a fashion, unlike the one I have attended elsewhere, before.

Mr. Venkataraman Radhakrishnan

I don’t think any Six Sigma trainer is providing hands-on training in Minitab basics in addition to MS Excel at Green belt level, which I admire here apart from other things.

Ms. Alamelu Narayanan

The training was excellent without a doubt. Also, the Six Sigma videos shown were breathtaking whose contents could never have been even remotely thought of by any of the participants even from a Six Sigma perspective.

Dr. Naresh Kumar

Separate training in basic Statistics along with a handbook & CD on ‘Statistics for Six Sigma’ is the biggest takeaway for participants like me who are new to all this, not offered by any other Six Sigma trainer that I know of. Apart from the training, I also expect the after training support through their online discussion forum to be good.

Mr. Selvakumar

The faculty for training, course material, etc., everything was above par. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate them an 8 on a few & 9 on the remaining parameters. A good ROI on the whole in terms of training cost & coverage.

Ms. Reema Gulati

I feel the trainer has redefined the meaning of the word ‘Training’ for the better. I look forward to attending their Black belt program as well soon.

Mr. Azhagappan Nadar

I have attended an in-house training program at my job before also. But, this one was far better. I learned many new things under Six Sigma.

Mr. Akhil Mishra

I didn’t find the energy sagging in the trainers from morning to evening on any of the days. A few things were rushed through at the end due to time constraints because of answering many participant doubts. It could have been better with a few more hours, but nevertheless good. Brilliant Guest faculty.

Mr. Srinivasan

The faculty for training at ISPE is one of the best I have come across till now. Very clear in fundamentals. Even the course material is to the point & practically relevant.

Mr. Ramesh Shankar